Electronics engineering student at TU Dresden.

Interested in electronics, ham radio, UNIX like OSs and software development (Rust, Julia).

Fulltime GNU+Linux user since 2012.

GitHub: knightshrub

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[ 2018-03-28 ] KeepassXC SSH Agent integration

KeepassXC can be used to make SSH keys available to ssh-agent as soon as the password database is unlocked

[ 2017-12-29 ] Namecheap dynamic DNS

Namecheap offers an API that allows devices with non-static IP addresses to update their DNS record.

[ 2017-03-23 ] Building a WA5VJB cheap Yagi for satellite work

Let the bird-squirtin' begin!

[ 2016-06-13 ] Homebrew LF Antenna

A magnetic loop antenna using stuff I had lying around