Electronics engineering student at TU Dresden.

Interested in electronics, ham radio, UNIX like OSs and software development (Rust, Julia).

Fulltime GNU+Linux user since 2012.

GitHub: knightshrub

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[ 2019-07-28 ] Modular digital mode package

Ham radio digital modes the UNIX way

[ 2019-03-15 ] Using haveibeenpwned.com to check leaked passwords

The haveibeenpnwed.com API can be used to check wether or not a password has been compromised in a known password leak.

[ 2018-12-18 ] VNA OSL calibration

A simple application of Mason's gain formula can be used to derive the VNA OSL calibration routine.

[ 2018-03-29 ] 20m Quarter Wave Vertical Antenna

A cheap 20m quarter wave vertical antenna that works surprisingly well at least for receiving